Tuesday 27 November 2012

Fine Mist Precision Spray Valves

Spray valves for coating, marking, lubricating and bonding.

High precision spray valves are used in production and assembly processes to apply a wide range of low to medium viscosity fluids, adhesives, inks, paints, oils, primers, conformal coatings and activators.

The compact spray valve takes a direct pressurised feed of liquid from a standard pressure pot, cartridge reservoir or a syringe barrel.  A separate air feed to the spray nozzle atomises the fluid to create the fine spray. Both fluid feed and atom air are timed to create pulses of spray. The fluid pressure, atom air pressure can be adjusted to turn the output from a jet to a fine mist spray.

Spray valves are available with 3 different size spray nozzles and in either round pattern spray or fan spray nozzles. A fan spray nozzle creates an oval type pattern that benefits applications where a wider coverage is required. A small nozzle can achieve a spray diameter of less than 7mm. 

To control the spray valve, the TS500R controller is used. This has an adjustable digital timer to make rapid repeat deposits or a steady mode for continuous spray. It allows the timer to be set to control pre-spray atom air duration, dispense time and post-spray atom air duration. So the pre-spray clears the nozzle, the spray deposit is made then the post-spray clears the nozzle. The TS500R allows the atom air pressure to be adjusted from a jet to a fine mist. The TS500R has digital LCD timer display, a timer memory storage for 10 programs and an I/O port for direct link to a PLC. It also is supplied with a foot switch for manual control.

Our range of pressure pots are in sizes 0.5 litre to 19 litre. All valve systems supplied, (valve, controller and pressure pot) come with fluid lines and connector fittings.

For a simple and cost effective method of spraying fluids whether as part of a production cell, assembly line or by hand at a workbench, use the spray systems from Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, with full technical support and assistance. All products are CE certified and covered by a 1 year warranty.