Wednesday 12 February 2014

All Metal Luer Lock Dispensing Tips

Luer Lock All Metal Precision Needle Tips

We are now producing all-metal luer lock tips in different lengths and gauge sizes. These are high precision stainless steel tubes to luer lock metal hubs. Precision manufactured, these tips are perfect for use on automated dispensing machines, such as XY robots or assembly lines. We can provide high tolerances for the gauge size and the tube length meaning each tip will be consistent.

These tips start at 8 gauge (3.28mm inner diameter) and go up in every gauge size to 30 (0.15mm inner diameter).  We cut the tube length to suit the customers applications - many customers request different tube lengths from us. From 0.25mm long to 500mm. Some tips require a specific gauge size and length – we can now offer these made-to-order tips at very cost effective prices. 

We hold stocks of standard lengths such as 0.5” (12.5mm), 1.0” (25.0mm) and 2.0” (50.0mm). For custom made tips of any length, we can deliver the new order within around 7 days.  

Another development in all-metal tips is the use of a soft type 304 stainless steel tube, in 16 gauge, which can be bent and positioned by hand to suit the customers requirements. This "bendy" tip is ideal for applications where the metal tube needs to be moved to a specific bend, angle or position and it can be achieved without any tools.

This tip is currently only available in 16 gauge (1.2mm ID - 1.65mm OD) but it is available in various tube lengths. Please contact us for pricing and lead times. 

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