Saturday 28 January 2012

Repackaged Dispensing Components

Put simply, repacking is a contract service that allows us, Adhesive Dispensing Ltd, to provide you with your specified adhesives, pastes, gels, epoxies, coatings, primers, inks, silicones, RTVs, etc in ready to use industrial dispensing components.

We can take your tins, drums, pails, tubes and packs of manufacturers supplied materials as free issue supply and provide them back to you filled in convenient 'air-free' cartridges, syringes, dual cartridges, hinge-packs, Techkit/ Semkit cartridges, etc. Or using our relationships with material manufacturers and formulators, we can also supply the same materials with us buying them direct and in many cases using preferential pricing.
Eliminate filling syringes by hand. Remove the labour costs of mixing and blending epoxies by hand. Receive filled cartridges ready to use. Get the exact mix ratio, the right volume, the perfect packaged system every time.

No mess, No Waste ... No Problem !   

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